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With over 50 years’ experience in the field of sustainability, our managers bring expertise and competence to their commitment to sustainable development.

Silvio Leonardi, Dr.phil., Uni. Basel, Biology.

Since completing my doctorate, I have been engaged in the area of environmental science and sustainability: most recently responsible for climate services and training at the Swiss Association for Quality and Management; 750+ audits / assessments of quality, environment, work safety, climate protection and sustainability on five continents. 

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Oliver Stankiewitz, Dipl. Eng., ETH, Forestry Science

My interest lies in understanding interactions between society and livelihoods as a basis for designing a long-term risk minimisation strategy. Since 1996 I have actively contributed in the areas of natural resources, renewable energy and CSR though project development, financing, implementation and controlling.

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Simon Pfister, Ph.D., Uni. SG, Business Administration

Practice - teaching – research. Prior to my current position as professor at the Institute for Accounting, Controlling and Auditing at the University of St. Gallen, I was executive manager at KarstadtQuelle. Extra-professionally, I was manager of the foundation, Green Ethiopia, winner of the Energy Globe World Award, 2015.

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Luka Blumer, Uni Fribourg, MA Legal Studies

After completing my Master's degree in Legal Studies and Sustainable Development I wanted to help protecting the climate and the natural ressources.

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