bridging information and people

true& provides recognition and credibility to your sustainability information through a professional, independent assessment.


Validation - Verification - Due diligence - Expert opinion

Our mission

true& supports sustainability-related decision-making by offering a range of comprehensive services along with first-class methodology. These include validation, verification, analysis, evaluation and due diligence assessment of projects, companies, facilities, reports and developments, as well as coaching and counselling on the materiality of sustainable development.

Information about our services can be found here.


Our values

  • We stand firmly by the values in our name ‘true & fair’.
  • We are driven by the AA1000 Assurance Standard principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness.

  • Our work practices are dictated by applied scientific principles.


We understand sustainability as


the responsible and value-generating use of production factors,


taking into account the entire value chain,


 including one’s own consistent actions and impact.



bridging information and people