CC-Carbon Credits GmbH  is our subsidiary, focused on assurance and verification of climate protection projects and greenhouse gas inventories. Find more information here.



Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, SQS, is our strategic partner for the certification of management systems. SQS issues a variety of certificates and labels: find out more on their website.



SwissClimate is our partner for calculating and producing greenhouse gas balances, which can be awarded with their label. We verified their state-of-the-art inventory. More on SwissClimate services.

Sinnform AGS is our communication partner.  As a thematically specialised agency, they add value to communication in the area of sustainability; exactly what we mean by bridging information and people. Learn about Sinnform here.

The Institute for Accounting, Controlling und Auditing at the University of St. Gallen is our partner in all financial aspects of evaluations. Find out more about competence in financial leadership.


The foundation Global Infrastructure Basel, GIB, is our partner for sustainable infrastructure. We are closely involved in developing the GIB-Standards SuRe®. Find out more here.



Our network of over 1000 contacts both helps to safeguard us and provide you with genuine professionalism.