Our services

Each information assessment is conducted within a defined scope using transparent, applicable criteria. These may be (international) standards or publicly disclosed requirements. Within this framework, we offer independent assessments through:

  • Validation: will it work?

A thorough, independent evaluation of whether planned activities and benefits objectively and demonstrably meet applicable requirements.


  • Verification: does it work? 

A thorough, independent evaluation of whether the applicable requirements have been objectively and demonstrably fulfilled. 


  • Due diligence: how does it work?

A thorough, independent examination to enable sound decision-making. Information that is systematically analysed with regard to revenue, costs, risks and opportunities provides a solid basis for decision-making due to its breadth, depth and quality.


  • Expert opinion: is there potential for improvement?

Well-founded opinions on diverse questions, based on our expertise and experience.


  • Coaching and counselling: how can improvement be realised? 

Explore pertinent sustainability issues through critical analysis with the right people, for example through stakeholder engagement.



An assessment provides proof that the assessed information meets the applicable requirements - or not:



Our work is guided by the AA1000 AccountAbility Assurance Standard (2008). Independence, impartiality, competence and due diligence ensure a professional evaluation, in particular with respect to compliance with the AccountAbility principles:

the foundation principle of inclusivity;

the principle of materiality;

the principle of reactivity.


We currently work with the following standards:

GRI, Global Reporting Initiative. Link to standard.

AA1000AS, AccountAbilty Principles Standard. Link to standard.

ISO 14064-1, -2, Greenhouse gases.  Links to standards: -1, -2.

CH-KoP, Swiss Projects and Programmes for Emission Reductions in Switzerland (not available in English). Link to standard.

Swiss Climate Label. Link to standard.

GIB, Global Infrastructure Basel. Link to standard.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an assessment according to another standard.


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